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Have you ever driven past a bank in your town, admired the daring cantilevered awning and wondered about the architect?  Or perhaps glimpsed a house through the trees that didn't look anything like its neighbors and were curious about how it came to be?  Architects in the mid-twentieth century defied tradition and experimented with color, form and materials to create the many fun, unusual and occasionally outlandish houses, banks, dry cleaners, hotels and schools that make up Mississippi's historic modernist landscape.


At times misunderstood when constructed, modernist buildings are now considered the “new historic”, with a whole new audience of enthusiastic building huggers awakening to the creative spirit that is embodied in modernism.  From the long, horizontal lines of the International Style employed in the 33rd Avenue School in Gulfport to the festival of fountains and screens that W.W. Easley used to create the whimsical Falk House in the Eastover neighborhood of Jackson, Mississippi has a wealth of modernist treasures just waiting to be explored.


MS MOD will feature essays, photographs and videos from architects, historians and homeowners, as well as information about fabulous mod events around the state.  Sign up for posts and get to know Mississippi's quirky, exuberant and oh so hip modernist masterpieces.

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