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Many modern architects addressed small residential projects with regards to the building’s position within the landscape, the use of natural light, and an intentional material palette. The Falk House, located in Jackson, Mississippi, is a prime example of this. Architect W. W. Easley designed this Eastover home in 1959. Easley specified that the ground be built up for the house to sit upon and look down over the yard towards the lake. Windows face the lake and are laid out within a grid that Easley established throughout the house, much like Mies van der Rohe. But, Easley breaks this grid at key moments to change the focus and directionality of the home. For example, when the house (shaped like a swan in plan) shifts from one wing to the next, the grid shifts and the house moves into the kitchen and living rooms. The exterior of the home is prime with material pattern, from the long Wright-esque brick patterning to the brise soleil on the end walls that allow light to filter into the sun rooms. The Falks later commissioned Easley to design the pool house and art studio additions.